Disease Specific Resources for Patients:

  • Benefit From Activity website – The information for this patient site has been taken from the RCGP fact sheets with the medical jargon removed. With the same evidenced information. it means information is synergistic between health professional and public
  • ACE UP ‐ A pedometer intervention to increase walking in adults and older adults. An exciting proven practical walking intervention for general practices to help our patients walk more. This intervention has been shown to reduce cardiac events and fractures in those who took part.


    • Cancer Research UK – Useful web site pages aimed at encouraging exercise as a way of reducing cancer risk.
    • Macmillan support materials – Information for those with cancer and after treatment. Ways to become active has links into activities near you.
    • Macmillan Cancer Support also has videos on the benefit of exercise after a cancer diagnosis. Search for Move More events on Macmillan’s website.

Cardiac health

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


    • Diabetes UK is a leading charity group with a wealth of diabetes information and resources both for patients and healthcare professionals.
    • Diabetes UK – Information on exercise for diabetes and other advice on diabetes management.



    • Activity Alliance – an organisation that supports and promotes activities for people with disabilities.


    • NHS Choices self-help guidance on exercise for fibromyalgia

Mental Health

Multiple Sclerosis

Musculoskeletal Health

    • Versus Arthritis – Advice on exercise to manage pain and arthritis.
    • Versus Arthritis – Exercise sheets for patients on:
      • Ankle sprain exercises
      • Back pain exercises
      • Knee pain exercises
      • Neck pain exercises
      • Osteoarthritis
      • Plantar fasciitis
      • Shoulder pain exercises
      • Elbow pain including tennis elbow
      • Keep moving conditions for home exercises


  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has created a section of their website particularly for GP information on exercises for patients with free downloads and plenty of advice on a range of conditions including keeping health at work.
  • ShoulderDoc.co.uk – A website designed to provide information for patients and doctors on shoulder injuries.


Pain and Exercise

Parkinson’s Disease and Exercise

Pregnancy and Exercise

Self Motivation for Exercise

    • This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England and partners to inspire women to move more and prove that judgement is a barrier which can be overcome.

Sitting and Exercise

  • Do you sit at a desk all day – The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has a useful set of exercises on a free pdf download for desk workers or even use yourself!
  • Get Britain Standing – The campaign to grow awareness and educate on the dangers of sedentary behaviour.
  • Walk4life – A useful walk site for the UK with a simple ordnance search map to look for walks anywhere in the UK and a useful widget device (puts their website direct on your own website). The widget can be loaded onto business websites, public companies’ websites etc. Individuals who sign up free can put their own walks on and monitor their own fitness via the website.
  • Walk Unlimited -The home site of the organisation behind Walk4life and Benefit from Activity. They have several useful websites on healthy lifestyle and a site of ‘Dr maps’ with examples of maps which have been created for GP surgeries, hospitals or businesses. Why not get walking maps around your health establishment for yourself, staff and patients
  • Walking for Health – England’s network of walking schemes
  • Paths for All – Scotland’s network of walking schemes
  • Walk NI – Northern Ireland’s network of walks and groups
  • Couch to 5k -The starting course from sedentary through to running with a 9 week course of training podcasts.
  • The Daily Mile  – Encourages school children to become active
  • Parkrun – Organise free weekly 5km runs around the UK in parkland
  • Sustrans – The cycle charity promoting cycling as a healthier, cleaner and cheaper mode of transport with plenty of advice and cycle routes available by a postcode search. Has the National Cycle Network on their site to access for routes near you.
  • The Activity Alliance – Organisation that supports and promotes sport for people with disabilities. Helps you find activities to suit the individual if you are disabled.
  • Be Active –Be Active is Anchor’s wellness and movement programme to support the older people living with us to take care of their overall health and wellbeing. Be Active offers a range of online resources including exercise routine videos, podcasts and tips on how to keep the mind active. We believe looking after your health and wellbeing should be easy and through Be Active will demonstrate how we can all make small changes to ensure this becomes part of our everyday lives and existing routines. Watch the workouts.