As of 16th April 2024


Dear patient,


We are writing to update you on the current developments around Medina Healthcare.


As you may be aware, the Wootton Bridge landlord identified significant structural issues with the premises, that were not evident when they acquired the building. The landlord has been working to rectify these structural issues and have offered the Practice options for temporary accommodation to facilitate rectification works being undertaken. However, the Practice has concluded that the extensive building works required would be too disruptive and it is necessary for the Practice to relocate permanently. In addition, the lease on the West Street site in Newport has expired and the landlord there (which is not the same as the landlord at Wootton)  wishes to put the property up for sale, which means that Medina Healthcare needs to vacate both premises.


We have explored alternative sites within the Practice boundary and have identified Riverway House (the former NatWest building) in Newport as a building which would meet our clinical requirements and will enable our team to continue to provide care for our patients. We are excited about the opportunity that this new site offers us for your care. Our staff will be able to work together from one building, in a space that provides more clinical rooms and dedicated parking and mobility access.


We will be offering several ways for you to engage with us over the coming months to understand what impact this move will have and we will share further information about this in due course. During this time, your care will remain the same, with the practice not relocating until autumn 2024. We will endeavour to ensure minimal disruption to your healthcare whilst plans for the new site are developed.


As well as the new location, the practice is securing its future by working under Solent NHS Trust. All of our staff can continue to work and provide clinical care under the new management and the GP Partners will remain part of the team as they will become salaried GPs, rather than partners. This change will help to ensure the future of the practice and to provide for continuity of your care. Furthermore, in Spring 2024, Solent NHS Trust will be combining with part of Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, meaning that Medina Healthcare will then be working under a single Hampshire and Isle of Wight Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, that delivers Community, Mental Health and Learning Disability services throughout the island.


These changes present an exciting future for the Practice and we firmly believe that this is the best next step. We value your understanding as we navigate these changes together and appreciate your feedback on how this will impact you.



Public Transport Access 


We have received quite a few emails regarding poor public transport access.  This is going to be the most challenging issue for the practice, as most know the current bus service is less than optimal at present.  


Much of the work over the next few months before the autumn will be focused on addressing this issue as much as possible, including conversations with Southern Vectis and other stakeholders in this regard. 


The last information we had was that the building in Wootton would be repaired. Why is this not possible? 


The proposed repairs are extensive and would require the demolition and re-building of the current building. The landlord offered to provide temporary accommodation to facilitate this work, however, the Practice decided this would be too disruptive to staff and patients. We therefore decided that a permanent relocation to alternative premises was a better solution to make sure we could continue to provide care to our patients. 


When will the practice be moving? 


No final date for a relocation has been set. However, we are anticipating a move during the autumn. For the next few months, our priority is engaging with you to hear your feedback. The care you receive from the Practice will not change. 


What will happen to the Wootton Bridge building? 


The landlord currently has no plans for the building and its priority is working to support the practice relocation. 


Will my care change once the practice relocates? 


All our staff can continue to work at the Practice and your care will continue as it currently does. However, the ownership of the practice contract will transfer to Solent NHS Trust which has access to better resources and the opportunity for joined up care with community and mental health services in the future. No further action is required on your part. 


All patients have the right to register with any practice whose boundary includes their home address. Whilst we would like to assure you this is not necessary, we appreciate that for some patients this option may be preferable due to personal circumstances. Details of practice boundaries are on most practice websites, in individual practice leaflets and on the NHS Choices website. 


Will there be more face-to-face appointments offered once the practice moves  


At present the practice is working from six clinical rooms.  The lack of space has made offering face to face appointments to all that would prefer them challenging.  When the practice relocates to the much larger site at Riverway House, we will be able to accommodate all of our staff under one roof, and have a greater number of clinical rooms to see patients.  This will allow us to offer patients greater choice in their preferred consultation method including face to face appointments. 



Is it unusual for practices to be run by NHS Trusts?  


It is not uncommon. Both Solent NHS Trust and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust have taken on Primary Care services across Hampshire.   



When can I speak to you about this? 


There will be a period of engagement with patients and we will be sharing information around how you can speak to us about these changes soon. However, for any immediate concerns around your upcoming care, you can e-mail any questions you have to:   

or you can write to us at: 

Medina Healthcare, 16 West Street, Newport , PO30 1PR 


If you or someone you know needs this document in an alternative format or language, please contact us via the above methods, or call the practice on 01983 522198. 

If you feel we haven’t covered a question/query above please feel free to send it to us using the below form.